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Summer Cooking for the Littles Ones

This summer camp session at MOLO Bilingual Montessori School has been a vibrant journey focused on nurturing both healthy bodies and healthy minds. Our dedicated teachers crafted engaging lessons that explored the importance of physical well-being and mental clarity. In one of our standout activities, our Primary 3 class donned their chef hats and cooked up some delectable, nutritious treats.

Guided by their teacher, these budding chefs learned about different ingredients, measured and mixed, and enjoyed the delicious fruits of their labor. But this wasn't just about making tasty dishes; it was a hands-on lesson in nutrition, math, and teamwork. These cooking sessions became a platform for discussions about the vital connection between what we eat and how we feel, emphasizing the value of nourishing our bodies with wholesome foods.

It’s delightful to see our students embrace these lessons with such enthusiasm, gaining essential knowledge that contributes to a lifetime of health and well-being.

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