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At MOLO Bilingual Montessori School, we are committed to cultivating a diverse and vibrant learning community. The admission process is designed to ensure a great fit between the family and our school environment.

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The Process

  1. Tour: Begin with a tour of our beautiful, child-centered environment. Observe our dynamic classrooms in action and envision your child thriving here.

  2. Student Application with Fee: After your tour, submit the student application along with a nominal fee. This step confirms your family's interest and places your child on the waitlist for the appropriate age group.

  3. Interview with Parents: We invite parents/guardians for an interview. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know your family values and expectations, and for you to ask detailed questions.

  4. Interview & Playdate with Child: Next, we arrange a playdate where we will casually observe your child in a group setting and conduct a friendly, informal interview.

  5. Enrollment Paperwork: Once accepted, complete the necessary enrollment paperwork.

  6. Entry into MOLO: Your child is warmly welcomed into the MOLO community, where they will begin their journey of exploration, creativity, and growth.


At MOLO Bilingual Montessori School, we believe in making exceptional education accessible, which is why we offer a flexible tuition payment plan designed to accommodate the financial needs of our families. Parents can choose to pay tuition monthly, by the quarter, or annually, based on what works best for their budget. We are also excited to offer a sibling discount, making it more affordable for families with multiple children to experience our comprehensive, bilingual curriculum. In addition, we reward our current families for helping our community grow; if you refer a new family to MOLO, and they enroll, you will receive a reference bonus as our way of saying thank you. We are committed to supporting our families and ensuring that a MOLO education is a possibility for every child.

* Online payment includes a 3% processing fee.

Our online payment supports credit cards of all major card associations (VISA®, Mastercard®, American Express®, Discover®, JCB® and Diners Club®), Paypal™, e-Check and gift cards. 


  • What is Montessori education, and how does it differ from traditional education?
    Montessori education is a child-centered approach developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. It emphasizes hands-on, individualized learning within multi-age classrooms. Children are guided by trained Montessori teachers, who provide materials and experiences to help them explore and learn at their own pace. This approach fosters independence, critical thinking, and a lifelong love of learning, differing from more traditional, teacher-led education models.
  • What is the enrollment process for MOLO Bilingual Montessori School?
    The enrollment process starts with submitting an application, followed by being placed on a program-specific waitlist. As spots become available, families are invited for an interview to ensure a good fit between the school and the family. Upon acceptance, parents complete an enrollment package and submit the necessary fees to secure their child's spot. We strive to make this process as smooth and transparent as possible.
  • How does the bilingual program at MOLO enhance a child’s education?
    MOLO’s bilingual program immerses students in two languages, enriching their cognitive, social, and cultural development. Research shows that bilingualism enhances attention, memory, and problem-solving skills, and it also fosters a deeper understanding of and appreciation for different cultures. At MOLO, we view bilingualism as a gift that prepares students to be empathetic and effective global citizens.
  • What languages are offered in the bilingual program?
    At MOLO Bilingual Montessori School, our bilingual program focuses on Mandarin and Spanish language enrichment, providing students with an invaluable opportunity for cultural and linguistic immersion. We believe in the power of bilingual education to expand children's horizons and cultivate a deep appreciation for different cultures. Our experienced and passionate language teachers use interactive and engaging methods to help students become proficient in both Mandarin and Spanish, regardless of their starting language level. By integrating language learning into daily routines and academic instruction, we ensure students are continuously exposed to both languages, promoting fluency and comprehension that will serve them throughout their lives.

"The child's sensibility to absorb language is so great that he can acquire foreign languages at this age."

-Maria Montessori

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