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About Montessori

The pedagogy of Montessori looks at brain development and allows for children to learn at the rate they are developmentally capable, doing things that interest them and in a way that fosters natural learning. The capabilities of young children are astounding if they are allowed to explore and make mistakes.

The environment is an important part of Montessori philosophy. It is a prepared space where children are encouraged to care for themselves and their surroundings. Multi-age classrooms give older children the opportunity to be leaders and foster caring natures.

There are many books written by Maria Montessori about the Montessori method. There are articles, TED talks, videos, and Podcasts. You can get lost in the abundance of research that has been done on the Montessori method and its advantages. You really only have to look at the list of successful people who attribute their creativity and work ethic to Montessori:

  • Julia Child- cookbook author and TV personality

  • Anne Frank- child writer

  • Taylor Swift- like you don’t know

  • Stephen Curry- NBA player

  • Larry Page and Sergei Brin- creators of Google

  • Will Write- Creator of The Sims

  • Jeff Bezos- creator of Amazon

  • Puff Daddy- singer and musician

  • Anthony Doerr- best-selling author

  • Beyonce Knowles- singer and performer

  • Joshua Bell- violinist

  • Helen Hunt- Emmy-winning actress

  • Gabriel García Marquez- Nobel Prize-winning author

  • Katharine Graham- Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Editor of The Washington Post

  • Jimmy Wales- co-founder of Wikipedia

  • David Blaine- Magician

  • Dakota Fanning- actress

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