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Summer Program  

For Toddler, Primary, and Lower Elementary 

Join us for themed sessions this summer to keep your children active and engaged.

Open for all age groups. The summer program covers June, July, and August.  

We offer fun activities and Montessori lessons on STEM, Spanish, and Mandarin. 



06/01 - 06/11

Student will learn all about directionality, map reading, and make their own maps while engage in treasure hunts and other fun activities during this pirate themed adventure.

Session 1


Take Flight

07/12 - 07/23

From birds, balloons and blimps to the planes we travels by today, this camp will study the history of flight and encourage experimentation and STEM.

Session 4


Make It Move

06/14 - 06/25

The best inventions are the ones that make our lives better. This STEM driven camp will feature simple machines and encourage your child to be explorative and creative.

Session 2

Kids with Capes

Go for the Gold

07/26 - 08/06

Hard work, teamwork and the spirit of sportsmanship are emphasized in this gross motor building camp. The history of the Olympic games and locations will build cultural awareness.

Session 5


Center Ring

06/28 - 07/09

Students will have the opportunity to show off their unique talents as they practice signing, dancing, and theatre art in this performance-themed camp.

Session 3

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