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Every student is able to learn and should have equal opportunities to reach their full potential. Parents and communities should share responsibilities to prepare our children for success in school as well as in their future careers and life.


To empower students to become critical thinkers, independent learners and promote a growth mindset. We value these qualities as a necessity for academic achievement and social contribution. We commit to nurture children to care for the natural environment and promote peaceful social education for the betterment of humanity.


MOLO is dedicated to upholding the standards of Maria Montessori and the American Montessori Society (AMS). As such, we only hire Montessori certified lead teachers at every age level. We strive to find Teacher Assistants who are experienced and dedicated to the Montessori philosophy. Our staff members commit to being life long learners through continuous professional development to ensure best practice in our daily teaching and care for children. We will set examples in the behavior of courtesy, care for others, and developing a mindset to reduce the amount of waste in our daily living and a habit of recycling. 


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